8 Week Full Body Guide (newest guide):

It is my most recommended guide because it has everything I do at the gym!

4 Week Ab Guide:

This is the BEST guide you can find for your abs; if you want quick results (make sure you implement a wholesome and balanced diet as well), this is the guide for you.

8 Week At-Home Glute Guide:

You can perform the exercises from this guide anywhere; you don’t need any equipment! About halfway through the guide, I do strongly recommend to purchase resistance bands to add more intensity to your workouts. My website, www.nastyfitt.com has a really good trio of bands for an inexpensive price!

8 Week Gym Glute Guide:

The perfect gym based guide to tone and build up your glutes! You will need basic necessities such as the smith machine, cables, hip abduction machine, and free weights!

Nutrition guide:

I seriously recommend this to everyone. I will be talking about what I eat, healthy food alternatives, bulking/cutting/maintaining, and easy meal recommendations. This is an informational PDF that’ll also talk about the importance of how to be consistent and disciplined with your diet.

12 Week Upper Body Guide:

You get essentially everything in this guide except for the lower body. Cardio and abs will also be implemented weekly, so it is a killer guide for those who want to tone up all of their upper body and slim down!

Should I get the At-Home Booty Guide or the Gym Booty Guide?

That is completely dependent on the equipment you have and whether or not you have a gym membership. You can get a lot of results with both guides. The at-home guide is 5x a week (the reason for this high frequency is because your muscles take typically 1-2 days to recover) and you need absolutely nothing for it. However, I do recommend to get resistance bands or some weight over time because your body will start getting used to the exercises within a few months. These exercises typically last 30 minutes or less. As for the Gym Guide, it is 4x a week and you do need specific types of machines and free weights (smith machine, dumbbells, hip abduction machine, cables, etc). These workouts typically last about 1.5 hours.

How long do the workout guides usually take?

  • Week At-Home Booty Guide: 30 minutes or less.
  • 8 Week Gym Booty Guide: around 1.5 hours.
  • 8 Week Full Body Guide: around 1.5 hours.
  • 4 Week Ab Guide: 30 minutes to an hour.
  • 12 Week Upper Body Guide: 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

Which guide do you think is the best?

The 8 Week Full Body guide is the most updated guide to what I currently do at the gym; it has legs/glutes 3x a week, upper body 2x a week, and abs 2x a week.

What is included in the 12 Week Upper Body guide?

Literally everything including cardio. I have abs 2x a week, cardio 1x a week, and upper body 2x a week.

Which guide will I get the fastest results with? At-Home or Gym booty guide?

Truthful answer: not sure at all. I first started working out at home for 3 months and my glutes did make quite a difference within that amount of time. As I started getting into the gym, my glutes started toning more. You will get results depending on a lot of factors like diet, sleep, rest time, etc.

How do I know what the exercises look like?

Every exercise has a video of me performing the exercise!

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