8 Week Full Body Gym Guide

  • Anyone who is looking to grow their glutes and legs and tone their abs and upper body at the gym! This 8 week guide is basically an insight to how I weight lift at the gym, and what I do. For example, I train 5x a week with 2 rest days, which is how the guide exactly is. There will be videos of me showing you how to do the workouts as well.
  • Workouts are around 1.5 hours. It all depends on the day and how fast/slow you perform the exercises.
  • You will need access to squat racks, smith machines, cables, dumbbells, hip abduction machine, and other various machines.
  • This guide comes with access to the Aflete App for tracking and exercise videos. Simply login to the Aflete app with the same email address and you'll be setup.

Price: USD 30.00 / GBP 22.73 / EUR 27.07


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