4 Week Ab Guide

  • Includes ab workouts that can be performed either at home or at the gym
  • 3x a week
  • You don’t need anything special for this guide. If you have a medicine ball, a kettlebell, or a dumbbell, then you can incorporate that into some exercises such as the Russian twist.
  • All of these exercises are completely based off of what I do at the gym. Once you buy this guide, you will see that one of the most common exercise is the plank. I believe that this is an extremely beneficial exercise that helps with many aspects of the body. As for my style of training, I prefer to do supersets, trisets and little rest. Since we are not working with any weight, it is important to increase the intensity if we want to get sore, which is the goal.
  • This guide comes with access to the Aflete App for tracking and exercise videos. Simply login to the Aflete app with the same email address and you’ll be setup.